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These are our Letterboxing Finds from F600 to F1500

Saturday, June 12, 2004

" . . . every time i follow a clue i feel honored. someone, a someone i might not even ever meet, has trusted me to appreciate that small part of themselves that they have laid out in the wilds of an uncertain world. has trusted me to be respectful of that special place they have brought me to. has trusted me to be respectful of the care and love that they have put into that hidden treasure. " Uneksia


mysteryboxer's Remembering Amelia, 6/14/04 [Our F600]
Jay Drew's Personal Traveler, East Lyme, CT, 6/18/04
mysteryboxer's Mystery Series - Box #1, 6/24/04
mysteryboxer's Mystery Series - Box #3, 6/25/04
Troll Queen, Springfield, MA, 6/26/04
mysteryboxer's Lady in White, 6/29/04
MayEve's Book of Kells PLB, 6/29/04
MayEve's Salmon of Knowledge HH, 6/29/04
Hearts Across America PLB, 7/1/04
The Jazz Man HH, West Dover, VT, 7/3/04
Erik & Susan Davis' Prayer Rock, Bristol, VT, 7/3/04
legerdemaine's Cheese Farm, VT, 7/3/04
Ryan Carpenter's The Graveyard, VT, 7/3/04
Music Woman's Page Park Ski Tow, Bristol, CT, 7/8/04
Island of Sodor, Bristol, CT, 7/8/04
Journey Into Imagination Series, Stafford/Somers, CT, 7/11/04
Fishing for Fun Traveling Letterbox, Stafford/Somers, CT, 7/11/04
Dynamic Duo's Personal Traveler, 7/11/04
Seth's Marvin the Martian HH, 7/11/04
mysteryboxer's Mystery Series - Box #2, 7/12/04
Deanne & Dave's Keystone Bridge, New Salem, MA, 7/17/04
Krark, 7/17/04
Bluebird's Dirt Path, Madison, CT, 7/18/04
Music Woman's Dartmoor Traveler, Hamden, CT, 7/23/04
Fish or Man's Traveler, Hamden, CT, 7/23/04
Waterfall's Sleeping Giant Event Stamp, Hamden, CT, 7/23/04
Sojourner's In Search of Golden Rubber Maid, Hamden, CT, 7/23/04
MayEve's Good Grief!, Hebron, CT, 7/26/04
Deer Tracks in the Snow, Hebron, CT, 7/26/04
She Who Plants' Poison Ivy Sympathy Kit, 7/29/04
legerdemaine's Opus 129, 7/31/04
legerdemaine's Opus 103, 8/7/04
Quabbin View, New Salem, MA, 8/8/04
Ye Ole Fishing Hole, Shutesbury, MA, 8/8/04
Spongebob & Friends, Leverett, MA, 8/8/04
Bluebird's New Little Letterboxer HH, Southington, CT, 8/17/04
In Memory, Cheshire, CT, 8/17/04
Willis Series, Cheshire, CT, 8/17/04
Lions, Tigers & Bears Postal Box, 8/20/04
Call the Plumber Postal Box, 8/21/04
Old New-Gate Prison, East Granby, CT, 8/22/04
Barrel of Monkeys, East Granby, CT, 8/22/04
What a View, East Granby, CT, 8/22/04
Clem's Adventure, West Granby, CT, 8/22/04
Tree Box, West Granby, CT, 8/22/04
Just Beth's Help! Please Murder! HH, West Granby, CT, 8/22/04
X Marks the Spot, East Granby, CT, 8/22/04
The Cat's Paw, East Granby, CT, 8/22/04
Oak Leaf, East Granby, CT, 8/22/04
Polydactyl HH, Manchester, CT, 8/30/04
Ivy League, Kensington, CT, 8/31/04
Baker's Dozen Postal Box, 8/31/04
Westward Ho! 2004 Postal Box, 9/1/04
How 'bout a ride? HH, Kensington, CT, 9/1/04
catbead's Who's Got a Bug Up Their Butt HH Hostel PLB, 9/10/04
United We Stand, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Egret, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
North Beach, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
South Beach, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Surprise, It's Me HH, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Madras' Traveler, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Sojourner's Traveler, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Memorial Garden, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Take a Gander, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Puzzles, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Once in a Blue Moon HH, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Book Barn, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Relax & Read, Niantic, CT, 9/11/04
Sea 2 Sea Postal Box, 9/13/04
Dartmoor Trip, 9/17 - 25/04 [Total of 191 boxes!]
Ronald Reagan PLB, 9/30/04
Mapsurfer's LBNA F-100 Box, Kensington, CT, 9/30/04
Help, Please Murder HH, Kensington, CT, 9/30/04
Ode to Cats PLB, 10/1/01
Monster Mash, Mansfield, CT, 10/2/04 [14 Monsters; 15 others]
Monster Mash, Mansfield, CT, 10/8/04 [16 Monsters; 4 others]
The Four Directions Gathering, Cornwall, CT, 10/9/04 [14 total finds]
Monster Mash, Mansfield, CT, 10/16/04 [14 Monsters; 5 others]
Monster Mash, Mansfield, CT, 10/17/04 [12 Monsters; 6 others]
PostMystress' Personal Traveler, 10/18/04
Rest & Relaxation, Augusta, ME, 10/23/04
Fern Cave, 10/23/04
Where Do We Go From Here, 10/23/04
Peace, 10/24/04
Dynamic Duo's Personal Traveler, 10/24/04
Norumba, 10/24/04
Letterboxing Love, 10/24/04
Greetings from Maine HH, 10/24/04
Mr. Poppers Penguins HH, 10/24/04
Disco Dancer HH, 10/24/04
National Folk Festival, 10/24/04
Soda Box, 10/25/04
Just for the Hake of It HH, 10/25/04
Shell Seeker HH, 10/25/04
African Traveler HH, 10/25/04
RI Mystery Gathering Event Stamp [by Russ], 10/30/04
Tom Noone PT, RI, 10/30/04
Sadie's Nakoma, RI, 10/30/04
Hot Peppers HH, RI, 10/30/04
Dr. Hawley Griffen PT, RI, 10/30/04
Needle in a Haystack, RI, 10/30/04
Apollo's Power, RI, 10/30/04
The First Thanksgiving Series, RI, 10/30/04
Boo 2, RI, 10/30/04
Hide And Seek, RI, 10/30/04
Junction Pizzeria Event Stamp, 10/30/04
Fellowship of the Rings HH, RI, 10/30/04
John Kerry HH, RI, 10/30/04
C is for Cookie HH, 10/30/04
Chatfield Hollow Gathering, Killingworth, CT [20 total boxes]
Vermont Tree II, Guilford, VT, 11/18/04
Putney Mountain Series, Putney, VT, 11/19/04
Birthplace of VT, Windsor, VT, 11/19/04
Old South Church Quest, Windsor, VT, 11/19/04
Lull's Brook Quest, Hartland, VT, 11/20/04
Hartland 3 Corners Quest, Hartland, VT, 11/20/04
Old Quechee Cemetery Quest, Quechee, VT, 11/20/04
Ottauquechee Quest, Quechee, VT, 11/20/04
Simon Pearce Waterfall Quest, Quechee, VT, 11/20/04
Quechee Library Quest, Quechee, VT, 11/20/04
The Maple Quest, Taftsville, VT, 11/20/04
G, F & L Quest, Woodstock, VT, 11/20/04
Village Green Quest C, Woodstock, VT, 11/20/04
Cannon Quest, Woodstock, VT, 11/20/04
Blow Me Down Mill Quest, Cornish, NH, 11/21/04
Cornish Flat Village Quest, Cornish, NH, 11/21/04
Jonathan Wyman Saw Mill Quest, Cornish, NH, 11/21/04
A-cross, Kensington, CT, 11/23/04
Boil & Bubble HH, Kensington, CT, 11/23/04
Dartmoor Reunion, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Baker's Dozen - We're Baaaaack!, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Chapuline #2, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Here, Be Pirates PLB, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Deanne the Lazy Letterboxer's PT, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Kernal Cootie, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Cootie Williams, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Cootie Starks, Leominster, MA, 12/4/04
Order of the Cootie, Kensington, CT, 12/11/04
Huskies on the Road HH, Kensington, CT, 12/11/04 [FF]
Remembering Nancy Green PLB, Kensington, CT, 12/11/04
Bethlehem Christmas Series, Bethlehem, CT, 12/12/04
Tom's Snobbery Series, Watertown, CT, 12/12/04
Native Son #10, Leominster, MA, 12/18/04
Native Son #9, Leominster, MA, 12/18/04
Native Sone #6, Leominster, MA, 12/18/04
Native Son #5, Leominster, MA, 12/18/04
XC Skier, Leominster, MA, 12/18/04
Janet's Letterbox, Leominster, MA, 12/18/04
Tour of Sturbridge Series, Sturbridge, MA, 12/18/04
Autumn's Folly PLB, Kensington, CT, 12/18/04
Live Strong PLB, Kensington, CT, 12/18/04
Wacky Holidays PLB, Kensington, CT, 12/29/04
Random Acts of LB Kindness, Kensington, CT, 12/29/04 [Thanks, Hog!]
Dummerston Town Quest, Dummerston, VT, 1/5/05
Wilmington Historical Quest, Wilmington, VT, 1/5/05
Winter Drive Event Stamp, Meriden, CT, 1/16/05
Event Traveling Letterboxes, Meriden, CT, 1/16/05
Aqueduct Letterbox, Avon, CT, 1/16/05
Jonathan's Dream, West Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Swing on a Star, West Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Pinchot Sycamore, West Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Traveler's Tower, Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
BAM! HH, Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Mark Twain, Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Buddy's Survivor PT, 1/16/05
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Coins of the Lane, East Hartford, CT 1/16/05
Blue Onion, East Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT, 1/16/05
Crop Circles A Cootie, Kensington, CT, 1/17/05
Birthday Presents for Butterfly, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
Avery Tract, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
Whoo's Hear?, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
Pandomonium at Morgan Zoo, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
Free Ride HH, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
In Search of The Billy Goat Curse, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
Gorton Family Cemetery, Waterford, CT, 2/13/04
The Coffee Series, West Hartford, CT, 2/19/05
Animals of Westmore, West Hartford, CT, 2/19/05
Relaxus Maximus PLB, 2/25/05
Fear and Fauna PLB, 2/25/05
Bookbinding 101 Event Stamp, Kensington, CT, 2/27/05
Frankenstein, 2/27/05
Legerdemaine's Rosie Ruiz HH, 3/3/05
The Devil Made Me Do It HH, 3/5/05
Gute Fahrt HH, 3/6/05
Olah Senorita Surprise PLB, 3/7/05
The Pickle Jar PLB, 3/20/05
Nevermore Series, Manchester, CT, 4/10/05
Day Dreamer Believer Series, Manchester, CT, 4/10/05
MayEve's Rainbow Row, Manchester, CT, 4/10/05
Short Hop, Manchester, CT, 4/10/05
Let the Games Begin!, Manchester, CT, 4/10/05
Snowbound, 4/15/05
L'Auto Gravure PLB, 4/15/05
A Mighty Wind PLB, 4/15/05
Cabin Fever PLB, 4/15/05
Buckaroo HH, Lyme, CT, 4/16/05
Gnomelet the Mini-Elf Series, Lyme, CT, 4/16/05
Gnomelet's Series, Lyme, CT, 4/16/05
Pooped HH, Lyme, CT, 4/16/05
Happiness at Hartman, Lyme, CT, 4/16/05
Build Your Snowman, Waterford, CT, 4/16/05
Balloon Engagement HH, Waterford, CT, 4/16/05
Innoculation of the Cootie Catcher!
Pram PLB, Kensington, CT, 4/18/05
Legerdemaine's Opus 62, 4/22/05
Spring Boxing Drive Event Stamp, 4/30/05
House of the Mouse, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Roaring Brook Mystery, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Blowing in the Wind, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Tears of Eunice Stocking, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Old Cider Mill, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Adraien's Bounty, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Glastonbury Lady, Glastonbury, CT, 4/30/05
Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT, 4/30/05 [One day only]
rtrw's House Box, West Hartford, CT, 4/30/05
Totalled!, 4/30/05
Krusty Krab's Personal Traveler, 4/30/05
MayEve's Personal Traveler, 4/30/05
Bushnell Park Series, Hartford, CT, 4/30/08
May Day Gather Series and Event Stamps, CT, 5/1/05
Cavvy Lovers HH Hostel, Portland, CT, 5/22/05
Big Pine, Portland, CT, 5/22/05
Girl Scout Boxes [limited edition], Portland, CT, 5/22/05
National Trail Days Event Stamp, Danbury, CT, 6/4/05
Under the Table, Danbury, CT, 6/4/05
Munchkin, Danbury, CT, 6/4/05
Heart of the Fire, Danbury, CT, 6/4/05
Acorn, Danbury, CT, 6/4/05
Tarrywille Park Event Stamp, Danbury, CT, 6/5/05
Tarrywille Park Series, Danbury, CT, 6/5/05
Dam Tent, Danbury, CT, 6/5/05
Birds of the Giant, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
It Was a Very Good Year, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
Hezekial's Knob, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
Cascades, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
Jolly Mean Giant, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
Lobsta's Jug, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
Black Swan Trailer Hitch, 6/6/05
Texas State Stamp, Hamden, CT, 6/6/05
Michigan Trip [F-83; X-34], 6/16 - 6/25/05
Coffee Letterbox, Orange, MA, 7/2/05
Comorant, Mansfield, CT, 7/10/05
Osprey, Mansfield, CT, 7/10/05
Flying Goose, Mansfield, CT, 7/10/05
Pappy's Sunflower, 7/15/05
Grease, 7/15/05
Alien with an Attitude, 7/15/05
Snapper Attack Cootie, 8/10/05
Hobyah HH, 8/12/05
Please Say Yes! HH, 8/12/05
Magic Carpet Ride HH, 8/14/05
Wilmington Rec Camp Boxes, 8/14/05
Penguin at the Falls, Jamaica, VT, 9/11/05
Forgotten Cemeteries #1 - 4, NH, 9/12/05
True Love, Washington, NH, 9/12/05
Grimes Field, Hillsboro, NH, 9/12/05
Town Pound, Hillsboro, NH, 9/12/05
Life Lesson #19, Hillsboro, NH, 9/12/05
Amy Marcy Cheney, Hillsboro, NH, 9/12/05
Hannukah HH, Hillsboro, NH, 9/12/05
Washington Street Quest, Keene, NH, 9/12/05
Jabber JoBob HH, Sterling, MA, 9/18/05
Build Your Own Burger, Sterling, MA, 9/18/05
Dave's Faves, Sterling, MA, 9/18/05
Everybody Loves Ginger, Sterling, MA, 9/18/05
Wauahcum Ponds Rails to Trails, Sterling, MA, 9/18/05
Opus 64, Golden Goose HH, Arlington, VT, 9/22/05
Flamingo Caper Gathering, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
7 Continents, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Which Way is North?, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Four Seasons Traveling Event Stamps, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Achievement Cootie, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Pointer Party's Traveling Event Stamp, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Tony & Veronica's PT, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Percy Penguin HH, Leominster, MA, 10/1/05
Flamingo Featherbed, Leominster, MA, 10/2/05
Friends are Uplifting, East Lyme, CT, 10/15/05
Traveling Man, East Lyme, CT, 10/16/05
Free Welly, East Lyme, CT, 10/16/05
Cub Scouts Pack 7 Tigers, East Lyme, CT, 10/16/05
Sam & Tory's Letterboxing Experience, East Lyme, CT, 10/16/05
Arrr, East Lyme, CT, 10/16/05
Winnie the Pooh Mystery, 10/16/05
We're Awesome Mystery, 10/16/05
CT Boomerang HH, 10/16/05
Fort George Box, Lake George, NY, 10/29/05
Ridin' Hy Cowboy, Lake George, NY, 10/30/05
Cheese Factory, Grafton, VT, 11/1412/05
Speedy HH, Grafton, VT, 11/11/05
Shrine to the Stars, Springfield, VT, 11/11/05
Chester Quest, Chester, VT, 11/11/05
Center of Town Quest, Hartford, VT, 11/11/05
Sally's Salamandar Quest, Hartford, VT, 11/12/05
FPQ Quest, Woodstock, VT, 11/12/05
Woodstock Village E Quest, 11/12/05
Village Green Quest, Woodstock, VT, 11/13/05
History Mystery Barrel, Woodstock, VT, 11/13/05
Fat Hat, Quechee, VT, 11/13/05
Brothers of Woodstock, Woodstock, VT, 11/13/05
White River Valley, Hartford, VT, 11/13/05
Workers in Flight, Windsor, VT, 11/13/05

Please Note: Sue & I have stopped counting and recording our finds. We are not concerned with the numbers any more. We are doing what our good friend, Koyote, calls "collecting stamp images."